Reduce The Hazards Of Winter Driving With Snow Pole Driveway Markers

Snow and ice can create multiple visibility challenges for drivers. Curbs, road markings and other roadway delineations are difficult to see once a winter storm hits. But one of the most effective ways to increase safety and reduce accidents is through the use of snow pole driveway markers. These fluorescent, highly visible markers provide a quick and easy way to identify driveways, curbs, hazardous areas, and private roadways in the worst conditions. Here are some key features:

  • Flexible materials won't snap or splinter in high winds or upon contact with vehicles.
  • Top features a protective rubber tip, bottom is pointed for easy installation.
  • Weather resistant, no-rust fiberglass lasts year after year.
  • 48” high, durable 1/4” diameter hi-vis orange rod designed to be visible from all angles
  • Available with silver reflective top or flag top for additional visibility.