Holidays Can Mean Double The Danger In Work Zones - See How To Stay Safe

Just because the holiday season is upon us doesn’t mean that workers fixing our roads are taking a holiday. Many accidents that occur during the month of December are due to speeding and inattention related to the holiday rush. Slow down and keep alert and mindful, especially when driving though work zones. Here are some tips to ensure safety in work zones through the holidays and all year long: 
  • If possible, plan your route before you leave to check for, and avoid areas/roads where construction is taking place. 
  • If you must drive through a construction zone, plan to leave early so that you can drive safely and slowing through any work zones.
  • It is a good idea to allow extra following distance from the vehicle in front of you when driving through a work zone. It is NEVER a good idea to tailgate.
  • Be alert for workers and construction vehicles in the work zone. If possible, allow a wide berth for workers and equipment but do not compromise your safety in veering into oncoming traffic. 
  • Look carefully for flaggers' signals and other signage that will help you, and other drivers, through the work zone safety.