Take The Bite Out Of Winter Weather Work

Two major hazards for those who work outdoors in winter are cold exposure and slips, trips and falls. Here are some ways to help avoid these cold-weather dangers:

To combat cold-reated illnesses:

  • Use barriers in work areas to block wind and other elements when possible
  • Provide frequent breaks in heated areas 
  • Train workers to recognize the signs and symptoms of hypothermia
  • Use a buddy systems so workers can help each other in case of emergency

To avoid slips, trips and falls: 

  • Wear insulated, water-resistant footwear with rubber treads for optimal traction
  • Promptly remove snow/ice and apply salt or another ice melt product to increase traction
  • When it is impossible to avoid walking on an area with snow/ice, be mindful and take smaller steps at a slower pace to avoid slipping