Self-care Plays A Key Role To Staying Safe In Construction

Construction is one of the most demanding occupations out there. It takes both physical and mental stamina to do the job at hand while also keep oneself and one's co-workers safe. In construction, more than any other industry, it's important to stay in top form. With that in mind, here are 4 tips to help toward that goal:
Keep Fit
For constructions workers, most days are a test of endurance, strength, and flexibility which are all key components of the job. It is all too common for pain or injury to result from overexertion, repetitive movements, and/or working in awkward positions. But keeping fit can help sidestep those injuries. An exercise plan that includes cardio, strength training, and flexibly exercises will help in all aspects of the job. You can even find workouts specifically designed for construction workers online. But before beginning an exercise program, see your health care provider to determine your present fitness level and goals. 
Get a Good Night's Sleep
Sleep is crucial. Not only does it help repair tissues while you're re resting but it is also a key element to being alert during the day. The ability to focus is not only necessary to complete tasks, but co-workers depend on your observation and quick thinking to keep them safe as well! Try to clock in 7 to 8 hours of shut-eye per night.
Be PPE Savvy
Maintain your PPE to keep it in good working order and replace items as necessary. Even high-quality, wear-resistant materials will not last forever. Items such as hard hats will degrade by simple exposure to sunlight and changes in temperature which decrease it's ability to protect against impact. So check to be sure your PPE is up-to-date.

Eat Well
Food can directly determine how much physical stamina you have and how mentally alert you are during the work day. Eating whole grains, lean protein and vegetables while limiting sugars and alcohol can help you feel better and more alert. Foods such as blueberries, nuts, wild-caught salmon, green leafy vegetables and even dark chocolate are said to boost mental acuity. And drinking plenty of water improves both endurance and focus.