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Glo Reinforced Barricade Tape

Part#: 17772

Our vinyl coated nylon reinforced fluorescent barricade tape is extremely strong and is reusable. This product is available stock in 3/4”x50yd (10/sleeve), 1”x50yd (10/sleeve), 2”x50yd (5/sleeve), 4”x50yd (4/sleeve). Custom widths also available up to 48".

3/4"x50yd Glo-Orange (10/sleeve)   $  4.00/roll

1"x50yd Glo-Orange (10/sleeve)      $  7.25/roll

2"x50yd Glo-Orange (5/sleeve)        $10.95/roll

4"x50yd Glo-Orange (4/sleeve)        $22.45/roll


3/4"x50yd Glo-Lime (10/sleeve)       $  4.50/roll

1"x50yd Glo-Lime (10/sleeve)          $  7.75/roll

2"x50yd Glo-Lime (5/sleeve)            $12.85/roll

4"x50yd Glo-Lime (4/sleeve)            $23.85/roll