5 Ways To Prevent Fires In The Workplace

Taking steps to guard against fires in the workplace not only helps prevent the damage and destruction to property costing thousands of dollars, but more importantly, it saves workers from injuries and fatalities that can result when fires ignite. Here are some things to look for to ensure your workplace is protected:
  1. Clutter. One of the major factors creating and exacerbating fire hazards in the workplace is clutter. It not only provides readily ignitable fuel, but can also block exits as well as equipment needed to get a fire under control. Be sure to routinely check for and remove unnecessary items from the workfloor and other areas.
  2. Waste Disposal. Oily rags igniting are another common causes of fires in the workplace. Ensure that rags are placed in a covered metal container after use and that the container is maintained/emptied frequently.
  3. Chemicals. Always read labels on substances used in the workplace as well as the Material Safety Data Sheet to determine the flammability of chemical substances. When both storing and working with chemicals, be sure the storage and/or work area has proper ventilation. 
  4. Electrical Equipment. Over 25% of fires are due to malfunctioning electrical equipment, wiring or both. Check wiring before and after using electrical equipment to ensure it is in proper working condition. But never attempt electrical repairs unless you are a qualified and authorized electrician. 
  5. Extinguishers. Note where fire extinguishers are located and know how to use them. Check routinely to ensure they are fully charged or if the inspection tag shows that the unit is in need of maintenance.